Fahanって? About Fahan

What we wanted to make is “delicious” rice flour bread. We are proud of the “deliciousness” of FAHAN, rice flour bread.

Rice flour for FAHAN is 100% Japanese origin. Our experience and technology in bread baking could turn the unique character of rice into very soft and delicious bread, FAHAN. We also decided not to use emulsifier and yeast nutrient.

Not using 7 specific allergens.








FAHAN are manufactured in the factories completely free from in any of those specific raw materials. We aim that all the consumers can enjoy our safe and tasty products, if people want to lead a gluten-free diet, are with or without food allergies as well.

What we should do for tasting FAHAN? Simply defrost it!

FAHAN will be delivered frozen. It can be eaten deliciously after 2 ~ 3 hours naturally defrosted, so we recommend you to bring frozen FAHAN as a "lunch box" or "snack".
*Please eat within a day after thawing.

Fahanの召し上がり方 How to eat Fahan

FAHAN will be shipped in frozen state. Please keep it in the freezeer, and taste it whenever you want!
*Please eat within a day after thawing.

Naturally defrost(Recommend)

Please defrost FAHAN putting in a bag at room temperature(around 20℃) for 2-3 hours.

Use the microwave (Rice Bread)

Or put the frozen FAHAN in the completely opened bag and warm it up in the microwave for around 40 seconds at 600 W.

Use the microwave(Donuts)

The donut wrapping paper uses aluminum and may ignite in the microwave. Take the frozen FAHAN out of the bag and warm it up in the microwave for around 30 seconds at 600 W.

  • Cooking time may differ depending on microwave or number of bread.
  • Please note that FAHAN can be hard when it is heated too long.
  • Please be careful of burns as it gets hot after heating.
  • As it can be hard after cooking, please eat it soon.

How to keep the good quality?

- Not to refreeze
- Not to use refrigerator for the defrosting and storing
- Not to use “defrosting” function of microwaves

About expiration date

The expiration date is the deadline when saved in unopened by the preservation method. Please eat as soon as possible after opening.
*Please eat within a day after thawing.


FAHAN to meal

FAHAN to snack